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Coming Soon to SchooLinks: K-5 Tools for Social and Emotional Learning

Build a whole-student experience with SchooLinks. Add your name to the waitlist for our new elementary product.

Theresa Rex
Theresa Rex

Apr 27, 2021


We have very exciting news here at SchooLinks to share: soon, we will be able to offer school districts and students something they haven’t had access to before with the addition of our new K-5 SEL component. Take a look:

Why did we do this? Let us answer that with a question of our own:

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

 It’s the first (as in very first) day of school icebreaker standby for a reason: almost nothing will unlock the sheer enthusiasm of a kindergartner bursting at the seams to answer quite like it.
Sometimes it's easy to compartmentalize everything students need into neat boxes: early literacy into one; social development into another; post-graduation preparation into one more. What we want to be when we grow up can look like a lot of things that can't be limited to a box labeled "career aspirations".

It's safe to say that most adults aspire to be more empathetic, as well as competent professionals. You don't have to be in Kindergarten to want to be recognized for your talents and develop them further — ballet dancing or otherwise. Any one of us might easily hope to explore and engage our capacity for leadership or peer collaboration, even if we never become President or professional athletes.

SchooLinks has always believed that when you see students as whole individuals, they thrive. We're just not that fond of boxes, and that's why we built our platform so that students wouldn't have to fit inside of them. We're adding a K-5 element because, in the same way that life goes on after graduation, learning starts long before 6th grade.


SchooLinks’ New K-5 Social and Emotional Learning Component: The Short Version


Our forthcoming K-5 solution is a social and emotional learning platform that includes curriculum, activities, teacher resources, and real-time completion data tracking for elementary students. By laying a strong foundation for self-conceptualization, early learners can begin developing the social and individual vocabulary they'll need to articulate what makes them ... well, them!

SchooLinks' K-5 SEL & Student Activity Tracking: The Slightly Longer Version

The new K-5 component from SchooLinks is a whole-child experience that explores concepts like self-efficacy, empathy, and self-reflection.

Every lesson will include engaging classroom discussions and group- or individual learning activities designed to cultivate the social and behavioral skills to support lifelong development all work in tandem with self-discovery and developmentally-appropriate career exploration.

Resources like editable, downloadable, and printable worksheets and graphic organizers are included to support elementary educators as they move through the curriculum. Rich student data, including portfolios, accompany SchooLinks students as they grow and learn — making intervention, compliance tracking, and individualized guidance easy for teachers and counselors. That same information, generated in detail and real-time, facilitates equity in outcomes for the cohort and impactful, individualized decision-making on the individual-student level.

To create this tool, we're leveraging instructional interventionist, curriculum coordinator, and educator expertise. It's how we're working to bring everyone — from students and educators to guardians and even future stakeholders within the school district — the tools that support them best.

When Will SchooLinks’ K-5 Component Be Available to School Districts?

For now, we're making the K-5 component of SchooLinks tools available to qualified school districts only, as well as all the improvements, enhancements, and iterations that come along with piloting the beta version of any tool.

We're building a waitlist in the meantime, so get in touch if you'd like to add your school district to the list — or if you have additional questions about this latest innovation.

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Theresa Rex

Theresa Rex is the content marketing manager at SchooLinks. She is a first-generation college grad and an absolute nerd for equity and em dashes.


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