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It's National Teacher Appreciation Week: Let's Celebrate Our Amazing Teachers

Teachers do so much for kids during the school year. Let's say thank you for all of the time, mentoring, and teaching they do in and out of the community.

SchooLinks Staff
SchooLinks Staff

May 02, 2022

As we turn the calendar to May, individuals and communities across the United States are invited to celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week from May 2nd to May 6th. During this time, we should pause to honor the meaningful work teachers do each and every day; acknowledge the incredible commitment, flexibility, and creativity they have shown throughout the pandemic; and express gratitude for the positive impact teachers from years past have had on our life paths.

Teachers and schools are the bedrock of our communities. They provide a nurturing environment that fosters our students’ healthy growth and development. They create spaces for children from diverse backgrounds to interact, collaborate, and find ways to work together in a supportive classroom community. They help guide students in learning about themselves and their passions while cultivating essential skills for the future. And they ensure that students are ready to be productive citizens, thoughtful individuals, and adults with fulfilling careers in their postsecondary lives. In short, teachers are critical to both the individual and collective success of our communities. 

Gratitude for Those Teaching in a Time of Unique Challenges 

This already Herculean job has somehow gotten infinitely harder over the past two years. Teachers have had to continuously redefine their profession, with no models or expertise to guide them. We should all be grateful that our teachers have continued to create a productive and comfortable learning environment for our students--an environment that both celebrates each student’s uniqueness and develops their ability to be active participants in a diverse and dynamic community--in the midst of these unimaginable circumstances. 

Change and disruption have been the only true constants during the past two years. We thank our teachers for supporting students and families through all of the ups and downs. Somehow, they have adapted and remained focused on student wellbeing and development. These efforts, and successes, have provided a fundamental, steadying continuity for our students and families.

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Appreciation for Teachers Whose Influence Carries On 

During Teacher Appreciation Week, it is also an opportune time to recognize and remember the remarkable teachers whose impact has made a difference in our own lives. So many of us are who we are today because of the success of their work as educators, counselors, cheerleaders, coaches, and mentors. From remembering a fun classroom adventure, a funny story, some meaningful words of encouragement, or a time when they believed in you even when you, yourself, did not, these teachers shaped our dreams, paths, and who we are as individuals.  

With this gratitude in our hearts and minds, consider taking a few moments this week to reach out to a teacher, either from your own educational career or someone in the classroom today. Acknowledge the authentic value of their work, recognize their efforts, and highlight the tremendous influence they have had on our lives.

Creating relationships between teachers, counselors, staff, community, and the students allows us to reflect on how much work is put forth in the classrooms to help children grow. Download below an appreciation card and check out how SchooLinks can help foster these connections.

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